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The Loon Committee Needs Volunteers for Programs Throughout Summer

Loon Conservancy Committee

GCOLA is a strong supporter
of the
National Loon Center

Loon Programs Overview


GCOLA has formed a new committee (Loon Conservancy Committee), and we need you!  We are expanding our mission from surveying the loon population to protecting our loons.  There are many new volunteer opportunities to fit anyone’s summer schedule.  Meeting attendance is not required.  Programs include the Loon Survey, the Loon-Safe Boating Program and Loon Caution Sign Program. Level of involvement may be whatever you choose.

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How to Get Involved:  Sign up for the Loon Survey and the Loon-Safe Boating Program.


To get involved with any of these volunteer opportunities, please email us at  Please join us to “get loony” and volunteer to protect our loons!

To learn more about the fascinating lives of loons visit the Loon Preservation Committee website,, and click on About Loons in the drop down menu. 

The Loon Preservation Committee in New Hampshire has given us permission to share their detailed information on Loon preservation.  Click here access their website.

Click on the video below to hear the loons calling at sunset on the Gull chain of lakes.

Copyright Sheila Farrell Johnston

Loon & chick.jpg
Loon on nest.jpg
Our Loon Photo Gallery

Photographer’s Statement
Sheila Farrell Johnston is a Master Naturalist and photographer. Sheila monitors loons on the Gull Chain of Lakes. She can often be found paddling her kayak on Upper Gull and the nearby lakes checking on “her loons”. She photographs the loons from her kayak and uses a long lens which enables her to keep a respectful distance. Two of the pairs on Upper Gull have come to see her as a friend and often swim over to the front of her bow or pop up next to her kayak, allowing her to capture intimate moments between adults and chicks.

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