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The Gull Lake Chain offers excellent fishing opportunities for several species of fish. The entire chain is excellent for largemouth bass, especially the upper chain and portions of Gull Lake south of Gull Point. Although walleye can be caught all season, fishing is memorable in the fall and winter as well as at times in early summer. Fishing for northern pike is very good most of the season for medium to large fish. Crappie fishing is good, particularly in early spring in shallow bays and during the winter for suspended fish in deep water. Bluegill sunfish angling is always good in the many lakes in the upper chain and in Wilson and Steamboat Bays on the southern end of Gull Lake.

Visit the Minnesota DNR website for a wealth of fishing information:

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Detailed fishing information from the Minnesota DNR:

Bass (Ray)



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Upper Gull

Get the lead out campaign

One lead sinker can poison a loon!

Click here to read the MnDNR detailed description of the danger of lead tackle

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