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Feature story on GCOLA's "Loon Lady"

GCOLA Board member Sheila Johnston is

featured in the current edition of Echo Journal's

"Love of the Lakes" magazine.  Sheila is well

know as the "Loon Lady" for her passionate

efforts to protect loons and to educate boaters

and anglers about what they can do to protect 

the loons.  

Click here to read the article


2020 Minnesota Boating Guide

Enjoying Minnesota's lakes and rivers by paddle or motorboat
is a wonderful privilege. Fun boating is safe boating so please
read this guide thoroughly and contact the Department of
Natural Resources (DNR) with any questions you may have.

Click here for the 2020 Minnesota Boating Guide.




2019 Citizen Lake and Stream Monitoring Program data



To access your 2019 data, go to the Citizen Monitoring Program Individual Site Report website. From there you can navigate to your data in one of two ways:


1. Use the map tab to navigate to the monitoring site on your lake or stream. Click on the black triangle next to the lake ID or the black circle next to the stream ID. In the box that appears, click on "Citizen Monitoring Report" . Your report will open in a new tab.

2. Use the text tab to enter your monitoring site number (i.e. 01-0001-00-101 for lakes or S001-101 for streams) in the very bottom box titled "Citizen Monitoring Site or Lake ID number." A new page will open with the name of your lake or stream and the monitoring site number you entered. Click on the monitoring site number and your report will open in a new tab. 

If you have any questions regarding your report, please feel free to contact us at for the Citizen Lake Monitoring Program and for the Citizen Stream Monitoring Program. 

Safe  boating during COVID-19

MnDNR - Time on the water provides many

benefits. We encourage local day use as a

good way to stay healthy, reduce stress, and

enjoy time with your family. While you’re

enjoying those first boat rides of the season,

protect yourself and others, and help slow

the spread of COVID-19.  Click here for MnDNR

advice on social distancing while boating.


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