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Ice Anglers: The deadline to remove shelters from the ice in Minnesota is fast approaching!

Make plans now to ensure your shelter is off in time. And remember: Leave only an impression -- no litter! If you brought it onto the ice, take it off.


Here are the removal deadlines:

  Feb. 20 – Minnesota/Iowa border waters.

  March 1 – Southern two-thirds of the state.

  March 1 – Minnesota/Wisconsin border waters.

  March 5 – Minnesota/North and South Dakota border waters.

  March 15 – Northern one-third of the state.

  March 31 – Minnesota/Canada border waters.

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MN Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center 2020 Research Report
Greetings from MAISRC!
Dr. Nicholas Phelps MAISRC Director
Dear friends,
It has been a wild year with lots of challenges, but I would like to personally assure you that MAISRC is still here and working as hard as ever to develop research-based solutions to reduce the impacts of aquatic invasive species in Minnesota. I hope the research highlights included in the report (which only scratches the surface of our progress!) will surprise, inspire, and give you hope.
Click here to read the full report.




Gull Chain of Lakes Association Access Site Monitoring 2020


During the 2020 high water use season, PLM Lake and Land Management Corp. conducted two surveys of public and private boat access sites and high use areas for the Gull Chain of Lakes Association. Sample dates include June 30th and September 1st 2020. With the threat of Aquatic Invasive Species throughout the state of Minnesota, these surveys are intended to search areas where the highest likelihood of newly discovered AIS may be found. Additionally, an inventory of all species within the designated search areas are recorded. The following table shows the species observed and their occurrence.

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