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GCOLA Loon-Safe Boating Program

“If humans have had a role in the decline of the loon population,
humans can also have a role in reversing that decline.”
Rawson Wood
Founder, National Loon Preservation Committee

Program Mission
To protect our loons by educating boaters about safe boating practices near loons, chicks, and
their nesting sites, and to promote a greater understanding of our loons.

Why do we need this program?
Each summer boaters come to enjoy the Gull Chain of Lakes. Too often watercraft usage
threatens our adult loons and their chicks. Death from collisions with watercraft is a significant
cause of loon mortality. In addition, boaters unaware of loon nesting sites can inadvertently
cause egg and baby chick loss by disrupting breeding, hatching and chick rearing. Sadly, when
threatened or stressed, loons will abandon their nests and may choose to nest on another lake
in subsequent years.

What are Loon-Safe Information Cards?
The information cards supply timely information about our loons to visiting boaters. Early in the
season we ask boaters to stay away from nesting sites, as to not disrupt the possible breeding,
hatching, and chick rearing. As summer progresses and the loon families spend time out on the
lakes and in the open, the information cards explain the importance of keeping a safe distance
from adults and chicks.  These cards are distributed to resorts, boat rental businesses and at the
ACOE Government Point landing check-in office.  

To learn more click to download the following documents:

The GCOLA Loon-Safe Information Card (coming soon)
     Tips for Boating Safely Near Loons

Coordinated and thoughtful human actions
could reverse the decline of our loon population.
Please consider joining us in
safeguarding our loons.

GCOLA Loon Committee
For more information, email
us at

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