Loon Survey


We are expanding the Loon Survey to include a final September survey.  We will begin the season with a nesting site survey, and we need volunteers to survey nesting sites throughout the Gull Chain of Lakes between May 25th and June 8th.  The summer survey will take place during the week of July 15th.  We will survey adults and chicks.  The final survey will take place between September 1st and 10th. Volunteers may sign up for one, two, or three surveys.  Our goal is to survey nesting sites throughout the chain, and identify  reproductive success and survival. With this information we hope to protect nesting sites and support survival of adults and chicks.

How to Get Involved:  To get involved with any of the volunteer opportunities please email Jane Edwards, jedwards3718@gmail.com, or Sheila Johnston, sheilafjohnston@me.com.  Please join us to “get loony” and volunteer to protect our loons!

How do I sign up to volunteer?
Click the “Sign-Up” link below (coming soon). Then, select the day, the time, and boat ramp location where you would like to volunteer.

2014 to 2018 Loon Survey Results
Click here to read a detailed report about loons on the Gull Lake Chain.

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