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Why it's worthwhile for all types of businesses to be a GCOLA member

  • People using the chain contribute to the local economy by creating jobs and generating revenue.  So even if the business is not directly linked to the lake, they benefit from a healthy economy.

  • Many businesses are dependent on the lakes to exist e.g. tourism, entertainment, services.

  • Lake homeowners pay taxes which support local schools, government, etc.

  • GCOLA provides a forum to raise concerns, become educated about problems and work toward solutions if the issue impacts their business.

  • People want to live in this area because of the lakes which improves the labor pool.

  • The association contributes resources (time & money) to improve the lake.

Click here to download a GCOLA membership form.  The fee is just $50 per year and you'll receive our colorful and informative quarterly newsletter where you can see what GCOLA does for the lakes and perhaps see your ad in action so please consider advertising with GCOLA.  The over 1,000 GCOLA members receive the newsletter and the spring edition is sent to every Gull Chain property owner, member or not.  This is a great way to reach lake residents and property owners.

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